Excellent quality barista coffee is available to parents each school morning.

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Get Your Morning Coffee at Café MC

The fully renovated Tuck Shop is open for business, and we invite parents to come by for a barista made coffee.

The final renovations of the Tuck Shop have now been completed and we appreciate your patience during its brief closure.

Morning Coffee for Parents

The new Tuck Shop isn't just for students. One innovation we would like to highlight is the introduction of a barista who is present in Café MC from 8.00am to 12:00pm each school morning.

Excellent quality coffee is available to parents and staff throughout this time. For those of you with drop off duties, we welcome you to get your early morning coffee from us.

Please note: coffee is not sold to students, but they are able to order hot chocolate.

See the Café MC Coffee Menu.

Menu in Term 2

See the Café MC Tuck Shop Food Menu. There have been some changes in Term 2.