The winter uniform is to be worn from the start of Term 2.

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Winter Uniform in Term 2

All students are expected to show pride in themselves and the College by meeting requirements relating to uniform and grooming.

Such self-respect is the first step towards mutual respect, one of our Mercy Keys and core values.

As Term 2 approaches and the weather becomes cooler, it is timely to remind students and parents that the winter uniform is to be worn from the start of Term 2.

This includes wearing of the blazer to and from school. We ask parents to support the College Uniform Policy by ensuring that your child (or children) has the required uniform, and that he or she wears it neatly and correctly.

The staff in the College Shop will be very happy to assist you if you require any new items.

The College Shop and Second Hand Uniform Shop are open during selected times over the Holidays.

Please note Reception students will remain in their PE uniform throughout the entire year and continue to do so until the end of Year 2.