Mercedes College Language Centre

The English for Academic Purposes - Secondary Programme is located in the Mercedes Language Centre (MLC) at Mercedes College with classrooms positioned in the hub of the Middle and Senior schools. Language Centre students spend break times with local and international Mercedes students of similar ages and experience integration and orientation right from the start.

Mercedes Language Centre students enjoy all the facilities of the school including the Global Lounge equipped with Microwave ovens and kettles, school sporting facilities like Basketball courts, Tennis courts and grassed playing fields, as well as specialist Mercedes staff support from the Co-ordinator of Student Welfare and Accommodation and the International Student Academic Adviser.

The inclusive on campus language centre is ideal for school aged students who thrive in an environment which is safe, secure and staffed by professional Mercedes teachers whose aim is to make them feel settled and happy, so to encourage them with their English Language studies. Orientation into mainstream classes at Mercedes is then seamless and assists students with feeling positive and optimistic about their Mercedes College mainstream studies in the years ahead.

Intensive English Course

The programme offers an intensive English course for students who plan to study at senior secondary level and has a focus on the development of proficient speaking, listening, reading and writing abilities, as well as the research and study skills required for successful secondary study.

Small class sizes ensure that there is individual attention to support each student’s academic development, along with a focus on student welfare.

Students may study for periods of 10 - 40 weeks, depending on their language level at entry and subsequent rate of progress. The programme consists of a minimum of 25 contact hours per week. In addition, students undertake regular homework and revision exercises.

Teachers are trained secondary school teachers with specialist qualifications in English as an Additional Language and are experienced in establishing a supportive learning environment for international students. Language learning is interactive with a focus on pair and group work as well as oral presentations. There is also specific instruction in grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

Study includes written and oral assignments in the most common genres in secondary school. Student learning is supported through explicit modelling and construction of the appropriate structure and language features of required texts. Topic content encompasses a range of important subject areas, including Mathematics and Science. Critical thinking, study skills and research skills are developed to prepare for future study at senior secondary level with the use of Information Technology as an essential component of learning.


Every five weeks, each student’s language level is assessed. At the end of 9-10 weeks, a comprehensive report on student progress is prepared and provided to students and parents or caregivers. Students graduate when they have achieved the required English language proficiency for their year level at secondary school.

Entry Requirements

The entry assessment of the student’s English language proficiency includes a recommendation for the number of weeks of study in EAP before entering a particular year level in the Mercedes mainstream programme.


The programme is up to 52 weeks long made up of four terms (including Holidays). Students can enrol at any time during term time and exit the programme once they have achieved their required skill level.

The programme is four terms of 10 weeks each.

Example class times are:  Monday to Friday 8.30am - 3.30pm

For more information about the Mercedes College Language Centre, or about studying at Mercedes College, please contact:

Mrs Leeanne Moriarty
Co-ordinator, International Enrolments and Marketing